emily fields + jesus  (1x19 | 5x12)

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Mona’s death is legitimately the first death to happen on the show where I actually feel like it’s been a significant loss :(

yes on so many levels. Cause even though they made Mona out to be this person to hate halfway through. They brought her back as a decent/nice person before they killed her. At least they gave her that respect. Such that we actually feel the loss. Not to mention she’s actually dead dead,not like just about every other dead person on this show. 

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i’m laughing so much, sos


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i’m laughing so much, sos

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4x12 foreshadowing 5x12:
A finally killed Mona with the girls to blame.

Quoting Marlene King: “This death has been in the works for more than a year — it’s been a very well-thought plan. It wasn’t like ‘spin the dial and see who gets killed.”

Mona’s death has indeed been planned for over a year!

"Game over, Alison. I win!" #RIPMona 

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I’m sensing a pattern


Season 3A finale


Season 4A Finale


Season 5A Finale


Are we forgetting so soon?

we’re a c h a l l e n g e.

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